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These brightly coloured swing seats are available in BLUE, GREEN and YELLOW (yellow not pictured).

They are made from Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and come complete with galvanised hardware ( Higher Seat Back for better support and longer hardware than other half bucket seats, making the seat steadier) for safety and durability.

The chain and clip design makes it ideal for toddlers 1 to 2 years old and can be used for children up to four years old for added safety. Of course, adult supervision goes without saying.

To hang this seat safely and easily we recommend you also purchase our chain set with plastic sleeves for $50 or Adjustable Swing Rope Set for $15.00, and a pair of swing hangers ($14 for a pair) to bolt through the frame you are hanging the swing from.

We can permanently attach the chain to the swing seat so that the swing can't accidentally detach.

For children younger than toddler age, check out  full bucket seats.

Please Note: If you have a Rural Address, please Enquire re Shipping Rate, as added Rural Fees may apply. 

Pick up available in Glen Eden, Auckland by appointment only.

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