Flying Fox Kit

Flying Fox Kit

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The Flying Fox Kit is great value for money and a high quality product that will entertain your children (yourself and Friends) for years.

6mm has a weight limit of 80Kg, while the 10mm version has a weight limit of 130Kg when installed following the instructions which come with the kit.


The Kit components are as follow:

  • Your choice of length and thickness Galvanised Wire Rope 7x19 with wire strand core. 10mm wire is rated breaking load 6.5 tonne , with a weight limit of 130 Kilos, and 6mm wire is rated 3.1 tonne breaking load with an 80 Kg limit when installed as per our Flying Fox Installation Guide. One End of the wire rope, has a permanent fitted eye spliced , manufactured with Galvanised BS 464 Heavy Duty Thimble and Pressed Alloy Ferrule.
  • Sling – 3.5 m Round Sling , Rated Breaking Load 14 tonne, Working load limited 2 tonne, for the the 10mm Wire Rope Kits and 3.5 m Round Sling , Rated Breaking Load 7 tonne, Working load limited 1 tonne, for the the 6mm Wire Rope Kit
  • Flying Fox Trolley : This high quality Ultimate Playgrounds Trolley will work on 5 -12 mm wire rope. The Trolley Body is Aluminium with split sides for easy mounting on to the wire rope, and has Two Stainless Steel Sheaves (not aluminium), each with a set of two high speed sealed bearings, which will ensure a fast smooth ride and maintenance free. Rated Breaking Load 24 Kn, Working Load Limited 1 tonne.
  • Galvanised Wire Rope Grips US FEDERAL SPEC FF-C-450
  • 20 mm Clevis/Eye Forged Galvanised Turnbuckle US FEDERAL SPEC FF-T-791b rated Working Load Limit 2.35 t, Rated Breaking Load 11.75 tonne .
  • Hi Load Bow Safety Shackles G-209 :
  • 1 tonne rated (11 mm pin, Rated Breaking Load 6 tonne , Working Load Limit 1 tonne .
  • 2 tonne rated (16 mm pin, Rated Breaking Load 12 tonne, Working Load Limit 2 tonne) .
  • Flying Fox Pommel Seat :

 All our Flying Fox Kits are supplied with Heavy Duty Rubber Pommel (with metal insert) , as seen in Public Parks.

The Seat is attached to the Flying Fox Trolley via 1.5 m length 6 mm Galvanised Chain covered with Heavy Duty Plastic Sleeve (for a more comfortable Grip, and eliminating the danger of little fingers getting pinched within chain links),  1 tonne rated Bow Shackle at one end of chain, and one S Hook permanently attached at the other end .

As an extra, Flying Fox Trapeze (incl one Quick Link) is available on demand for an extra $40

  • Our simple to follow, 11 page Instillation Guide is Included.



 Also available, if required :

  • Flying Fox 3m Spiral Brake
  • Flying Fox Block Brake
  • Flying Fox Kids Harness
  • Flying Fox Adults Harness

NOTE: Flying Fox Kits 70m and above, if your Delivery address is a Rural Address, an EXTRA RURAL ADDRESS CHARGE OF $50 MAY APPLY . Please contact us, to query. 

Pick up available in Glen Eden, Auckland by appointment only.

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