Flying Fox Kit
Flying Fox Kit

Flying Fox Kit

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The Flying Fox Kit is great value for money and a high-quality product that will entertain your children (yourself and Friends) for years.

6mm has a weight limit of 80Kg, while the 10mm version has a weight limit of 130Kg when installed following the instructions which come with the kit.

The Kit components are as follow:

  • Your choice of length and thickness Galvanised Wire Rope 7x19 with wire strand core. 10mm wire is rated breaking load 6.5 tonne , with a weight limit of 130 Kilos, and 6mm wire is rated breaking load 3.1 tonne , with a weight limit of 80 Kilos when installed as per our Flying Fox Installation Guide. One End of the wire rope, has a permanent fitted eye spliced , manufactured with Galvanised BS 464 Heavy Duty Thimble and Pressed Alloy Ferrule.
  • Sling – 3.5 m Round Sling , Rated Breaking Load 14 tonne, Working load limited 2 tonne, for the the 10mm Wire Rope Kits and 3.5 m Round Sling , Rated Breaking Load 7 tonne, Working load limited 1 tonne, for the the 6mm Wire Rope Kit
  • Flying Fox Trolley : This high quality Ultimate Playgrounds Trolley will work on 5 -12 mm wire rope. The Trolley Body is Aluminium with split sides for easy mounting on to the wire rope, and has Two Stainless Steel Sheaves (not aluminium), each with a set of two high speed sealed bearings, which will ensure a fast smooth ride and maintenance free. Rated Breaking Load 24 Kn, Working Load Limited 1 tonne.
  • Galvanised Wire Rope Grips US FEDERAL SPEC FF-C-450
  • 20 mm Clevis/Eye Forged Galvanised Turnbuckle US FEDERAL SPEC FF-T-791b rated Working Load Limit 2.35 t, Rated Breaking Load 11.75 tonne .
  • Hi Load Bow Safety Shackles G-209 :
  • 1 tonne rated (11 mm pin, Rated Breaking Load 6 tonne , Working Load Limit 1 tonne .
  • 2 tonne rated (16 mm pin, Rated Breaking Load 12 tonne, Working Load Limit 2 tonne) .
  • Flying Fox Pommel Seat :

 All our Flying Fox Kits are supplied with Heavy Duty Rubber Pommel (with metal insert) , as seen in Public Parks.

The Seat is attached to the Flying Fox Trolley via 1.5 m length 6 mm Galvanised Chain covered with Heavy Duty Plastic Sleeve (for a more comfortable Grip, and eliminating the danger of little fingers getting pinched within chain links),  1 tonne rated Bow Shackle at one end of chain, and one S Hook permanently attached at the other end .

  • Our simple to follow, 11 page Instillation Guide is Included.


      Also available, if required :

  • Flying Fox 3m Stainless Steel Spiral Brake
  • Flying Fox Block Brake
  • Flying Fox Kids Harness
  • Flying Fox Adults Harness
NOTE: Flying Fox Kits 70m and above, if you require Freight Delivery, or you have a Rural Address, please Enquire re Shipping Rate.


Adult Supervision is recommended.

Pick up available by appointment only.

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