DIY products 

Ultimate Playgrounds have a range of of DIY products including brackets to make swing frames, Monkey bar and ladder rungs, fasteners and more.

  • Flying Fox Trolley QUICK VIEW Flying Fox Trolley $110.00

    Flying Fox Trolley


    A fast, reliable and long lasting trolley. The body is aluminium and it has stainless steel sheaves each with two sets of bearings. Suitable for 5-12mm steel cable or rope...
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  • Heavy Duty Swing Hanger QUICK VIEW Heavy Duty Swing Hanger $42.00

    Heavy Duty Swing Hanger


    One pair of heavy duty swing hangers. Hot dipped galvanized cast steel with a bronze bush, built to last! Fit your swing beam with M12 coach screws (not included) .Pick...
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  • Disc swing with rope QUICK VIEW Disc swing with rope $32.00

    Disc swing with rope


    These brightly coloured disc swings are a fun alternative to a standard swing. Perfect for hanging from a tree branch or can be used as a seat for a flying...
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  • Chain sets for Full Bucket (infant) and Half Bucket (toddler) Seats QUICK VIEW Chain sets for Full Bucket (infant) and Half Bucket (toddler) Seats $31.00

    Chain sets for Full Bucket (infant) and Half Bucket (toddler) Seats


    Chain sets for full bucket and toddler seats 6 mm galvanized chain 1.5 m long for swing beams up to 2.4 m high. We can permanently fit the chains to...
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  • Climbing holds QUICK VIEW Climbing holds $25.00

    Climbing holds


    Climbing holds are sold in packs of 8 each pack has 4 different colours and 4 different shapes in it. Each climbing hold has 2 mounting holes. Each pack includes...
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  • Safety Handles Long QUICK VIEW Safety Handles Long $15.00

    Safety Handles Long


    These plastic safety handles are great for anywhere on your fort or your swing and slide set - wherever a hand hold is needed for added safety. Handles are 230mm...
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