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Ultimate Playgrounds is the result of the perfect marriage between a Builder and an Occupational Therapist, and their growing family.

Ross has been building playgrounds for more than a decade, but since his marriage to Karen and the birth of his children, has developed a greater understanding of how play can enable and grow his own children - and wishes to extend that gift to his customers. Karen, as an occupational therapist, is keenly aware of how play can assist children in reaching their full potential throughout their life. Play not only works with the physical side of childhood - building muscle tone, assisting coordination, improving spatial ability and dexterity - but it also assists with social skills, problem solving, developing perseverance, understanding the value of achievement, reinforcing the value of cooperation, camaraderie and support.

Ultimate Playgrounds are not toys. They are buildings for your home, and designed to last for your child's formative years. They are a space to have happy memories, filled with learning and activity in - to allow your children a level of independence and autonomy within your own home secure environment.

We are also committed to ensuring that our products are of a high standard in both look and design and are made with good quality materials, which is why Ultimate Playgrounds offers a warranty of 5 years on playgrounds, cubby houses, swing sets and monkey bars (timber construction) and 1 year on all accessories.

We offer you customised, personal service to ensure that your experience with us is unique to you and your family.

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