Choose from our top selling designs or customise your own fort to fit your section or special requirements.

Forts are 1.5m square and the floor height is 1.5m. Forts come standard with a roof, railings, a ladder and a slide.

You can choose to upgrade to a bigger fort with a climbing wall, fireman's pole, twin slides, swings, monkey bars or a cargo net.
Or you can add a picnic table, sandpit or shop counter under your fort for more play options.  

There are also a range of bolt-on accessories such as a steering wheel, ships wheel, telescope, periscope, binoculars, telephone and handles that are available in a variety of colours and a range of swings, delta rings or a delta trapeze for older children.

The forts are not able to be sent out as a kit set. The wood is treated dressed pine  H3.2 and H5 timber. The hardware is galvanized. Forts are partially built in our workshop then assembled and finished on site.

Forts are suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years. Younger children can use toddler swings and the slide with adult support. Adult supervision is recommended for all children as climbing equipment can be dangerous. Consider purchasing our handles or matting for added safety.

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