Double Swing and Slide Set
Double Swing and Slide Set
Double Swing and Slide Set
Double Swing and Slide Set
Double Swing and Slide Set
Double Swing and Slide Set
Double Swing and Slide Set
Double Swing and Slide Set
Double Swing and Slide Set

Double Swing and Slide Set

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The Double Swing and Slide Set, is sturdy constructed here in NZ, with smooth H3.2 and H5 treated NZ Grown Pine Timber and its Components are:


  • This is the well and truly time tested S Line 2.95m Wave Slide made from injection molded UV stabilized HDPE by European Company KBT, in The Netherlands.
  • Factory Rated to 70 Kilos Working Load.
  • Includes a mains water connection, if you wish to use as a Water Slide.
  • Colours Available: GREEN , RED , BLUE and YELLOW.
  • Slide Platform Ladder (1.5m High)- Steps are slotted into Rails (note just nailed) to achieve a Strong Durable product.

  • Double Swing Frame with 2 Belt Swing with Chains.

  • Swing Frame built with Heavy Duty Dacrotized Swing Brackets(not the green powder coated version pictured in main photos) Note: A dacrotized finish is a pollution-free ceramic coating for fasteners that are used with treated lumber, as it will not discolor the wood. Parts with a dacrotized finish have similar corrosion resistance to galvanized parts, but they do so with a thinner and smoother finish.(as per secondary photos).

  • Belt / Strap Swing with plastic coated chains ( for a smoother feeling and risk free of little fingers getting pinched ) and is made from ethylene vinyl acetate - a strong but flexible plastic which is both stress crack and UV resistant. It is suitable for all ages from 3 years old.   Other swings such as a Full Bucket, Half Bucket, Tyre Swing, Delta Trapeze, Disc or Pommel Swing, Nest Swing Grandoh with Adjustable Ropes (sensory swing) or Nest Swing Oval with adjustable Ropes (sensory swing) can be purchased separately for younger children or to add variety.

  • Wooden Top Beam 6x4

  • Wooden Legs 4x4 

Consider adding variety of play by adding Climbing Wall to the swing frame

Please Note:

A) We can Delivery Nationwide as flat pack (installation guide supplied).  

     In order to delivery quality service at the lowest possible price to our customers (on all Deliveries outside Auckland Region), you can have your order sent to your Regional Toll Global Express New Zealand branch for convenient pickup when you’re ready (Freight Quoted at Check Out is for delivery to a Specified address within Auckland Region only.).  

Please check our Shipping Policy, that applies to all Deliveries outside Auckland Region

B)All Timber components are made from H3.2 and H5 treated dressed (smooth) pine (NOT Rough Sawn Timber).

C) All bolts, nails and screws are galvanized.

D) Structure footprint is appro: 5m x 4.5m x 2.3m (tall). We recommend a minimum 1.5m safety area around the structure.

E) Listed Price, is for Client Collecting. Excludes Delivery,

F) Delivery and installation on an flat site is available within Auckland Region, for a flat fee of $250 .

For Delivery and Installation option outside this area, please contact us with address for quote.

We also Built timber structures to suit your design and site. Please enquire.


Adult Supervision is recommended.

Pick up available by appointment only.

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